Breakfast links: Wintel not what it once was

Plus: HP goes where Apple, IBM went before

•Microsoft has been talking up Windows 8's ARM compatibility an awful lot lately, with VP Mike Angiulo being the latest to proclaim Redmond's new crush. "The ARM platform has evolved to continue to get more powerful as phones got more graphical, and Windows has consistently been reducing its system requirements over time. As those two come together, we now have a natural fit." Does Intel cry bitter tears at night, when Microsoft talks so publicly about moving on? [Bloomberg]

•The latest version of WebOS has barely hit the market, but HP head Leo Apotheker is already talking about licensing it to other hardware manufacturers. "There's no reason to believe that the only hardware that can run [WebOS] is HP's. Why wouldn't we try to make it available to other people?" he asked. Um, maybe because you'll be locked into a weird, uncomfortable series of business relationships where the same companies are buying your operating system and then putting it on products that compete with your products? Just a thought. [Inquirer]

•That Chinese "hacking attack" on high-level U.S. officials was, it turns out, a phishing scam. Remember, there is no technical defense against stupidity! [WP]

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