Hello, future: Jetpack flies to 5,000 feet

Unmanned demonstration shows that dummies can fly high

Predictions of the future often mention the flying cars, and we've seen some videos of demonstrations of such vehicles, but we're not yet at the mainstream. Jetpacks are also usually mentioned, and the latest video demonstration we have of this technology comes from Martin Aircraft Company. The video shows an unmanned (crash test dummy) pilot taking a Martin Jetpack up to about 5,000 feet (1,500m), with a ballistic parachute deployed to demonstrate an emergency safety system (after all, if people are going to start using these, there better be a parachute).

The flight took about 10 minutes, and although the aircraft did suffer some damage on impact, the company says it is "likely" a pilot would have walked away from this emergency landing.

Yay future!

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