Behind the changes at ITworld

New ITworld site puts you at the center of the story

Welcome to the new ITworld – a site that puts you much more at the center of the story! Our goal has always been to connect you to the information you need, when you need it. Now, we're putting you at the center of the conversation, giving you tools to share and contribute content, new ways to connect with other IT pros and contribute your knowledge back to the community.

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There are some things we still need to fix, and that's why we're running in Beta mode. We'll be updating and tweaking things throughout the next few weeks, so if you find something that doesn’t work, please let us know and we'll address it!

The new ITworld. What's in it for you?
Following made simple

One of the most frequent requests we get is to know when something new is posted to the site -- whether it's a new comment made in a debate you're following, or a story by a favorite contributor. We answered by giving you the tools to follow friends and conversations. For example:

  • To follow someone's activity, click their name, and look for the "Follow on ITworld" link. When they post something new, it will appear on your profile's Activity tab.
  • To follow a conversation, subscribe to that comment thread right from the comment box to receive alerts each time a new comment is added.
Improved sharing with your favorite social sites

There are now multiple ways to log into the site. Register and log in through ITworld or using your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. This will enable you to share your comments and other contributions with your social networks. You can also choose what email notifications to receive, what and who you want to follow, and what you share with each community. Take a few minutes to register, build your profile, and customize the settings to fit your needs. What you share is completely up to you.

A new service helps solve a problem, or build your rep

Got a question keeping you up at night? Check out ITworld Answers, a new service that helps connect people who have technology questions with those who have the answers. Anyone can post or answer a question on any topic. The community votes on the answers so the best rise to the top. The more you contribute, the more accurate and relevant the service will be. Members who answer questions on a regular basis are important to us, and will be asked to become a Trusted Voice. What does that mean? You'll be acknowledged as an expert we trust to provide value to the ITworld community. You'll also have the chance to highlight your expertise in a subject area for your peers, and oh, and it comes with an official "Trusted Voices" badge for your profile!

A quick buzz

Don't have time to browse through the site? Just follow what the rest of the ITworld community is doing to get a read on where the action is. The "ITworld Live" module in the right column streams events happening real-time. See who's commenting on what stories, who's posted a question in Answers, when that question is answered, who's liked, shared and downloaded what content. It's the pulse of the site.

Great content

Last but not least, the new site design allows us to highlight more stories from our bloggers, technology experts, sister sites in the IDG Enterprise network, and other valuable resources across the web. Our bloggers continue to keep you on top of breaking news and other important events. Chris Nerney covers business and IT management. Kevin Fogarty reports on core IT topics such as cloud computing, virtualization, storage and security. Peter Smith covers personal tech. Brian Proffitt talks open source, and Dan Tynan keeps you up to speed on social media and your privacy.

New to the lineup is "Sounding Board", an exclusive series by the CIO Executive Council, which is a global community of the world's leading CIOs. Each month, the CIO Executive Council will tackle a new technology issue. They'll present a challenge, and three senior IT leaders provide their perspective. First up in this new series is How to execute a three-year mobility plan.

I've got feedback! Who do I contact?

Those are the highlights. As I mentioned, there are still some things to fix. Please take a moment to register, or login, take a look around, and tell us what you think!

Put your feedback, good, bad, or otherwise, in the comments below. If you experience any technical problems, please contact our support team at

Thanks for your time. Jodie Naze Editor-in-chief ITworld

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