Warning came four months before huge Epsilon data breach

Alert included details that were the same in the final attack

After long, rigorous investigation along the bleeding edge of technology hackers used to breach the fortress-like walls of Epsilon data and make off with potentially millions of consumer email addresses, has borne fruit.

The culprit, the hairline crack in the wall of security, the undetectable weak link in the chains binding the Epsilon's doors tight against marauders from outside was...

...a series of fake-friendly emails with links to malware that would de-activate security software and give the hacker control over the victim's machine.

Epsilon could only have known it was under threat of such an attack if it had read the email from a business partner warning about phishing and spam campaigns that mirror the attack that cracked Epsilon, describing the format of the phishing text in the emails, malware in the linked site and types of antivirus it would work against, Australian tech-news site ITNews reveals.

What a relief to know it wasn't just negligence or some silly mistake on Epsilon's part.

Maybe now the poor thing can stop worrying about whether it will lose business as its customers and business partners lose faith in its ability to close the door behind it and wash its hands before it leaves the bathroom.

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