The attack of the Android Tablet Clones [video]

That Android tablet deluge that I've been talking about for over a year now may finally be hitting, if the end of last week is any indication.

Let's recap. The Xoom is out, of course. We know the ASUS EEE Transformer is coming soon and that $400 price rumor is still holding. ASUS has a product page up for it, and on Sunday a long and drawn out unboxing video hit the web. You can safely skip the first 6 minutes or so:

Next up, Toshiba has a tablet coming out. On Friday Best Buy put up a product page for it. It's listed as "Coming Soon" with no price. Like the ASUS Transformer and the Motorola Xoom, this is a 10", Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet running Honeycomb.

Don't like Toshiba, ASUS or Motorola? How about Acer? This time we have a firm price: $449.99 from, once again, Best Buy, and this one you can pre-order. Again, 10", Tegra 2, Honeycomb. 16GB of storage space. It sounds like this one will be marketed as the Packard Bell Liberty Tab in Europe.

So basically we're looking at 4 Android Honeycomb tablets (for now – more are on the way) with nearly identical specs. (The Xoom that's out now has 32GB of storage but a 16GB variant is on the way.) So how will you choose? The ASUS has that laptop replacement twist where it'll dock with a keyboard, so that might be a plus (though much will depend on how much the dock & keyboard cost), otherwise it seems like it'll come down to brand loyalty and/or price.

Sounds like good news for consumers, but considering the sales figure for the Xoom so far, I wonder how many of these tablets will still be around come winter.

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