Toshiba ANT tablet to be $450, Viewsonic improves the $300 G Tablet

There was yet another Android tablet price leak over the weekend, when Newegg briefly offered the Toshiba "ANT" up for pre-order sales. The "ANT" (if that is its real name) has the same specs as seemingly every other 10" Android tablet. Nvidia Tegra 2 processor running a 1 Ghz, Android Honeycomb, a 1280x800 screen resolution, and front and rear facing cameras. The low-end "ANT" comes with 8GB of storage and Newegg had it priced at $449.99. 16GB & 32GB models were $499.99 and $579.99.

While 8GB sounds pretty puny these days, keep in mind the "ANT" does have an SD Card slot where, presumably, you can store data and hopefully apps as well. I'm assuming (and you know what happens when I do that) an Android tablet will work the same as an Android phone and most apps will be able to be moved to SD card.

However, the Acer Iconia has virtually identical specs and will come with 16GB at about $450 and the ASUS Transformer (also with 16GB) has a rumored $400 price which is still holding. One update on the ASUS is that the keyboard/dock accessory (which essentially turns the tablet into a netbook) now has its own rumored price of $150. The dock has its own battery which will extend the systems battery life to 16 hours. Remember, this is all hearsay until you see it in the store!

Just to keep things interesting, the non-Honeycomb G Tablet from Viewsonic has been seeing sharp discounts lately. Amazon was offering it as a "Gold Box Deal" one day last week for $279 and the new regular price at Amazon is $299. Engadget reports that the G Tablet is getting an over-the-air firmware update that gives it Flash and USB peripheral support.

The G Tablet is popular with Android modders who've managed to overclock it to 1.4 Ghz as well as building custom ROMs that overcome many of the issues buyers had with the stock software when the tablet first launched at $500.

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