Royal Wedding parody: Hit or Miss?

T-Mobile spoofs 'JK Wedding Video' with William and Kate entrance

Over the next two weeks, get ready to see a lot more royal wedding type videos, as we get closer and closer to the April 29th nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton over in England.

Today, T-Mobile gets in on the act with its "The T-Mobile Royal Wedding", which is a spoof of the famous JK Wedding Video, which currently has more than 64 million views on YouTube, and was also spoofed by many other users, as well as the TV show "The Office".

Whether you love or hate the original video (for me, it's cute at first, but then it's annoying), you have to admit it's interesting to see how good some of the celebrity impersonators are in the T-Mobile video. And it's sort of funny to think about the stiff-upper-lip Brits actually getting down to dance like this in Westminster Abbey.

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