Welcome to the merry world of viral video

In which we explain what the heck I'm doing here

Hello everyone, welcome to the first post of the new ITworld.TV blog. In this little space, we hope to present you with a bunch of videos scoured from around the Web that will make you smile, make you think, or otherwise just keep you entertained for a few minutes during the day or over the weekend.

We know that as IT professionals you are very, very busy, and may not have time to do all of this scouring yourself. Henceforth, let us be your guides of locating videos that have or are about to go viral. In this way, you can proudly state that you discovered something before your mom posts a link on Facebook with the heading, "Honey, have you seen this video? It's sooooo funny!" Because there's nothing more humiliating than finding out your mom has seen a viral video before you have.

The videos we plan to highlight will likely have either a technology, science-y, geeky, game-y (video game-y, not smelly) or sci-fi-ey feel to it. Then again, we may just post a Lady Gaga video to see if anyone is paying attention.

Feel free to make fun of us in the comments, or if you happen to see something that we've missed, just ping us at kshaw@nww.com and send along a happy note.

Your pal, Keith.

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