Maybe the unemployed should buy an iPad

Onion news report focuses on the Apple's positive vibes

On the heels of this week's video in which Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed the iPad for unemployment comes this video from the Onion News Network, in which they argue that the nation's unemployed should be buying new Apple computers.

It's all tongue-in-cheek of course, and provides another entertaining jab at the Apple faithful, but there is a tiny bit of truth - not that unemployed people need to spend money, but they should be continuing to update their skill sets to help in their job search (more likely by engaging in social networking rather than learning "graphic design skills" as suggested in the video).

Anyway, enjoy the video, it's always funny when people poke fun at Apple (and I like their gear).

In The Know: Should The Nation's Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers?

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