Android tablets: Sony confirms theirs, ASUS Transformer already sold out

Just a couple of brief tablet updates this morning.

First up, Sony unveiled their S1 Android tablet today. We talked about this one back in February and those rumors proved fairly accurate. They also revealed the S2, a clam shell device with two screens. IDG's Martyn WIlliams has all the details of these two Tegra 2 devices headed to stores this fall.

Second, the ASUS Transformer went on sale overnight, right on schedule, but promptly sold out everywhere. ASUS has a "Where to Buy" page up now, but so far I haven't found a place that has the tablet in stock (I didn't check every one, though). The Transformer is back-ordered in the UK so it's no surprise that supplies are limited here in North America.

This could be good news for Acer, who launched their Iconia Android tablet on Monday this week. Specs are similar to the Transformer but without the hook of the docking station/keyboard unit, and the Acer costs $50 more. But it is in stock at, for now at least.

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