Cooking in the future and other tech predictions

Other than the fashions, these predictions are pretty accurate

In the early '90s, AT&T ran a series of commercials that would show the world of the future based on networking and other Internet-related technologies. I remember the more famous "You Will" series of ads (see below), which predicted technologies such as telecommunications, automatic toll-payment systems, and even GPS.

But I didn't remember this ad, which shows a guy in the kitchen making dinner, checking online recipes and realizing that he's out of olive oil. A quick message to his wife/girlfriend who happens to be at the grocery store gets him the extra olive oil he's looking for.

Other than the fashions (and the size of the mobile phone), this prediction was pretty accurate. Although we're still a bit away from computers talking back to us in natural language, a lot of these predictions came true.

We have a couple of other "prediction" videos that we've found as well. Here's a series of "You Will" ads from AT&T that predicted a lot of today's technologies.

And check out this video, which predicted the "Tablet Newspaper" back in 1994:

I wonder what kinds of technologies would be predicted if companies did these ads today? Personally, I'm hoping for the flying cars and the time machines.

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