5 sizzling speed boosters

These five free downloads will help you optimize your system's performance.

Comprehensive benchmark: SiSoftware's Sandra 2011 Lite performs a remarkable number of tests to pinpoint exactly how well each component in your system is running. It even tests power efficiency.

All-in-one tune-up: Advanced SystemCare Free provides a full suite of tools for automatically diagnosing Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 problems, speeding up startups, and cleaning the Registry.

A debris-free system: PC Decrapifier automatically expunges resource-hogging trialware and all sorts of accumulated rubbish from your system fast.

Faster downloads: FlashGet integrates with your Web browser to accelerate file downloads, manage them on your hard drive, run a virus scan, and use minimal system resources along the way.

System cleaner: As your PC ages, it ac­­quires junk files and Registry entries that hurt its performance. CCleaner scans and clears your hard drive of clutter, while preserving the files and settings you want.

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