Mystery poet leaks early Motorola Bionic launch

Gadget bloggers and enthusiasts encounter at least half a dozen leaks in any given week. Some of them are big news, most are not. After a while you start to feel pretty apathetic about them, given the speed at which new tech gets released. Every time I see that Best Buy ad for their Buyback program that has the little girl running in a circle singing "You bought the wrong TV, sillyhead!" while wearing 3D glasses, I laugh and nod in agreement. Everything we buy is practically obsolete by the time we get it home, and with so many new products hitting retail leaks are inevitable.

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And yet I'm going to talk about a leak today! This one is for the Motorola Bionic. The Bionic is a dual-core, 4G LTE phone that was unveiled at CES. We knew it was headed to Verizon but we didn't know exactly when. May has been mentioned. Yesterday the HTC Thunderbolt launched. This is also a 4G LTE phone on Verizon's network. Presumably in response to that launch, a tipster who goes by the handle BlackManX offered his leak in the form of a poem: When Beer flows in the color of envy and the rainbows are all but empty and you bask in the Thunder so bold… But if it’s another device you seek to reach your Peak, then you may yet have several weeks. For in the LiTE a new device shall shine, and perhaps that is fine if dual cores you don’t mind… For Stevie Austin moves like a blur, Unless it stock style you prefer… But its calmness we shall seek, And shy away from the Hype-beast So those signing two year choices, don’t blame panda forces, But the unknown sources that raise your hopes so high…. Cause at the end of the tweet a Sneaky Panda speaks and he says… YOU MAY WANT TO WAIT TO BUY… Plenty of hints in there. Green beer for St. Patrick's Day, a reference to the Thunderbolt, several weeks, then LTE and dual cores. Steve Austin was the Bionic Man of course. So, the Bionic is launching in a few weeks? The Android wizards over at AndroidGuys picked up even more hints than I did, suggesting that "moves like a blur" references Motorola's MotoBlur interface, and that "reach your Peak" implies Etna, which was an early code name for the Bionic. That last one seems like a stretch to me considering Peak is capitalized, but the point is, here's a leak that has people talking. Pretty clever. The bottom line is that the Bionic may be out in April rather than May and if you're thinking about picking up the HTC Thunderbolt, you might want to wait and see. But saying it like that is a lot less interesting than reading it in poem form, eh?

Peter Smith writes about personal technology for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @pasmith.

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