iFixit: Apple literally screwing customers [video]

While most iPhone users -- even enthusiastic jailbreakers -- have probably never even considered physically opening their phone to poke at its guts, that sort of thing is pretty much the bread and butter of the good people over at iFixit. Thus, one is inclined to forgive their outrage over Apple switching to a new, harder-to-remove kind of screw for the iPhone; the company even replaces your existing Phillips head screws with these "pentalobe" models if you bring your phone in for repair! Don't worry, though: iFixit is now selling you kits with the newer, hard-to-find screwdrivers you'll need to fiddle with your phone.

Are you as indignant as iFixit? And, even if you think people have the write to open up their phones, would you dare to do it?

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