Survey shows 63% of women on Facebook complain about Facebook friends complaining on Facebook

And 32% really could do without hearing all about their friends' 'perfect lives' every day, OK?

A recent survey of 400 women who use Facebook shows that beneath the shallow camaraderie of social network friendship lies real people who can get annoyed by their friends. (Also see: Facebook more addictive than sex?) A "daily deal" company called Eversave conducted the survey to determine the impact of social networking on deals. From a press release announcing the results: The data also uncovered some interesting things about Facebook friendships. The survey reveals that while women use Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they are up to (79 percent) and share interesting and/or funny links and videos (64 percent), they have little tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or overshare. In fact, 85 percent of those surveyed claim they have been annoyed by their online friends, and that these bothersome behaviors topped the list: * Complaining all the time (63 percent) * Sharing unsolicited political views (42 percent) * Bragging about seemingly perfect lives (32 percent) What do the survey respondents like most about Facebook? Allowing them to see friends’ photos and videos (91 percent) and helping them reconnect with old friends (76 percent). Not to stir up trouble, but wouldn't logic dictate that "complaining" also is a favorite activity of women on Facebook? I'm just extrapolating from the numbers here. It's science, people.

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