Fruit Ninja goes life-size, gets virtual reality control

Get ready to slice! German students have created a larger-than-life virtual reality version of Halfbrick's popular Fruit Ninja smartphone game.

German students have taken Halfbrick's popular smartphone game, Fruit Ninja, and literally made it larger than life.

The workshop project, created by University of Applied Science students Alex, Matze, Moritz, and Thiemo, sees a version of the slice-and-dice game projected across the walls of the CAVE. Based at the FH-Wedel campus, the CAVE (that's Cave Automatic Virtual Environment to you and me) is an environment rigged with virtual reality in mind.

The students' geeky work has resulted in a very hands-on way to play the fruit-slicing game. Their system makes use of 3D motion tracking systems, a trusty Wii Remote for haptic feedback, and a 5.1 surround sound system--all of which would offer quite the immersive experience.

Check it out in the video--you would be silly not to want a slice of the action.

So, what we want to know now is just how long will it be before original developers Halfbrick see this and think of bringing their smash hit application to the Kinect, Move or Wii? I think it could make for quite a fun little downloadable title, especially with leaderboards.

Oh, and just in case you're not familiar with Fruit Ninja, it's available for the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone devices and via the Ovi store. However, for those lucky Android owners you can grab it for a very juicy price point this Thursday, as Amazon's very own app store are giving it away for free.

More details on how the virtual reality FruitNinja game came to be can be found on CrunchGear and TheGadgetSite.

[via TheGadgetSite]

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