Android Market now selling PSOne Classics, but not on my carrier

We know the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (aka Playstation Phone) is coming soon: it was planned for an April 1st launch in the UK but there have been reports of delays with some carriers. In the US, the rumored launch date is April 14th on Verizon according to a 'roadmap' that was leaked a few days ago. So we have a little bit of a wait for the hardware, but the games are here now! As of today, the following Playstation One games are already on the Android Market. Better still, according to the app pages the only requirement is Android 2.1+, so it sounds like it won't just be Xperia Play owners who get to enjoy. [Update: It sounds like this isn't true; for now these will only work on the Xperia Play, according to Engadget.] Here's the list so far:

Each one will cost you $6.38 US, which is pretty close to what you pay for "PSOne Classics" on the Playstation Network (where they're generally $5.99 US).

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I'm not convinced my original Droid has the horsepower to play these games, but I was willing to give it a go. Unfortunately when I tried to buy one I was met with the message "This item is not available on your carrier." Hmph! Maybe it's just as well. I'm not honestly sure how popular these old games will be. Nostalgia is a funny thing and too often I find that fondly remembered games aren't much fun when I get the chance to go back to them. (Games used to be hard!) But maybe that won't be the case here. Anyway, has anyone else had better luck? Are those of you on UK carriers able to purchase these games yet?

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