Finally, the iPhone app the world has been waiting for

'Last Night Never Happened' deletes 'embarrassing' (i.e. posted while drunk) social content

Here's a new iPhone application sure to appeal to our drunker selves. (Also see: Teen's iPhone app gives Angry Birds something to be angry about) SiliconIndia reports that a new iPhone application is able to "delete messages on Facebook and Twitter that were put out when one was in a drunk state." The new iPhone application - called "Last Night Never Happened" - deletes all "embarrassing" social network activity, including status updates, tweets, photos and comments, over a set period. Supposedly the app owner merely has to enter the time his or her judgment, shall we say, became impaired, and voilà: Last Night Never Happened erases his or her posts from Facebook and Twitter, if not from the memories of all the people who already saw them. Hmm. Sounds good on the surface, but what about the Twitter search tools that retrieve even deleted tweets? Hopefully some of our iPhone-owning readers will volunteer to buy the app and let us know if that loophole is closed. The face-saving iPhone application was created by a programmer named Daniel Cowen, who both overgeneralizes and understates the case for such an app: "We all get carried away sometimes and end up posting embarrassing tweets and photos of ourselves and our friends, forgetting that all of our Facebook and Twitter contacts can see them, family and potential employers included." I can't quite agree that "we all get carried away," but a great many of us certainly get carried far, far away. For those in the latter category, this app's for you.

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