Early Roku adopters fret no longer; your 1080P update is here

If you were an early adopter of the Roku Media Player, you might've been feeling a tad gloomy about the fact that the new model Rokus could handle 1080P streaming and your classic XR model could only eek out 720P. Well, fret no more, loyal Roku fan. The mothership is getting read to beam down a firmware update (if it hasn't already) that brings glorious 1080P streaming to your Player. Not that there's an awful lot of 1080P content available on the XR models yet, but it doesn't hurt to be ready and we can hope for an updated Netflix app that supports 1080P (1080P Netflix streaming is already available on the Sony PS3).

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In addition to bumping the max resolution of XR Rokus, the update has some bug fixes and enhancements for all Roku Players. The Hulu Plus channel has been optimized to support faster starts to streams and better performance on high latency networks. There was a bug that causes some Roku Newcaster content to rebuffer at the 25 minute mark. That's been fixed as well. If your Roku hasn't auto-updated to version 2.9 b1509 yet, you can manually update it by hitting the Settings menu from the Roku home screen, then Player Info and Check For Updates. That should get you the new version. For complete details on what has changed, check the Roku Forums.

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