Gamestop now taking pre-order deposits for Nintendo 3DS

Your bank balance may still be reeling from holiday spending, but if you're a Nintendo fan it might be time to free up another $25-$50. It seems that game retailer Gamestop has started taking pre-order deposits for the Nintendo 3DS, the 3D enabled handheld gaming system coming to the US in March. (The news comes to us via a member at gaming forum NeoGAF who apparently works for the Gamestop.)

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The deposit amount seems to vary from store to store, and we still don't know the final price of the 3DS (most likely between $250 & $300) but if you absolutely have to have one on launch day, it might be wise to visit a Gamestop soon and put down your deposit. In the event that you get to the store and are met with a blank stare, ask the clerk to look up SKU 020132 in their inventory system.

Peter Smith writes about personal technology for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @pasmith.

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