IBM does what it can to spoil Android

Ships Android version of Lotus Notes push email for Android devices

For obvious reasons, though certainly none of them good, IBM is shipping a version of the smartphone client for Lotus Notes for the Android OS.

Lotus Notes Traveler is the evil Notes version of the obsolete Blackberry push email system, but with a host of centralized management and security functions, including the ability to limit end-user access to email or certain documents based on the security level of their device or their location, as well as encrypted email, data filtering and connections to a central directory.

It supports the iPhone, iPad and devices running Nokia Symbian or Microsoft Windows Mobile. It provides automatic two-way synchronization of email, calendar, journal, task list and contact information and a host of centralized management tools, including the ability to wipe data from a device that's gone missing.

End user companies have to install a Lotus Notes Traveler server, which installs the client software and keeps it up to date automatically.

The client won't install automatically on devices using AT&T's network because they can install only apps downloaded through the Android Marketplace. Otherwise Traveler's support of Android is designed to be as comprehensive as for other OSes.

Good news for those stuck with Notes; bad news for those hoping Notes would fade away with the rest of the painfully slow, 80's-looking, clunky databases masquerading as high-functioning email clients. (Some poor deluded people love Notes, btw, but in my scientific survey of this one user-gripe site, Notes Love messages are outnumbered by Notes Hate messages by almost five to one. )

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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