Top 10 clean energy blog posts of 2010

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As the beginning of 2011 approaches it's time to look back at 2010 and see which clean energy blog posts in the IDC Energy Insights community were the most popular - partially because it's expected, partially because it's fun and partially because we can infer which topics were the most important to our followers.

As was the case with a number of other clean energy blogs that we follow, our top blog post involved Bloom Energy, the highly hyped fuel cell vendor. I personally wouldn't read too much into this other than the fact that Bloom Energy had been in stealth mode longer than any other startup I can recall, that it has some big name VC backers, and that it's coming out party made it on to 60 minutes.

Other vendors that were the topic of at least one of the top ten blog posts include Google, Schneider Electric, First Solar and IBM.

As expected, previews of our top 10 predictions for 2010 also made the list, as did posts on smart buildings, virtual power plants, the wind market and electricity supply/demand.

So without further ado here are our top 10 clean energy blog posts of 2010:

1. Four Things Bloom Energy Forgot to Tell the World

2. 2010 Utility Industry Predictions Preview

3. Google Launches its own Utility--Will the Rest of the Industry Go the Way of Lycos?

4. EMEA Utility Top 10 Predictions Preview

5. Bringing Energy Efficiency to Le Hive

6. First Solar is Starting to Look Like a Bank

7. Operationalizing Virtual Power Plants in Europe

8. 10 Gigs of Wind Here, 10 Gigs There

9. Too Much Electricity is Already Here

10. IBM Turns its Headquarters into a Smart Building

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