Make the IE favorites bar show full titles

Don’t like those abbreviated labels in IE’s Favorites toolbar? There’s an easy (but well-hidden) way to expand them.

Everyone has a different way of managing their Web favorites--the sites they visit regularly. My method of choice is the Favorites Bar, which spans the top of the browser and puts my most-visited sites a single click away.

In Internet Explorer, you may notice that the Favorites Bar abbreviates the labels for these links. Thus, instead of "Amazon," you see "Amaz..." Instead of "PC World," you see "PC W..."

These ellipsis-enhanced labels are by design: by shortening all the site names, IE can fit more favorites on the Favorites Bar. That's good in theory, but in practice, well, I just don't like it.

If you feel the same way, you may have tried to figure out how to expand those abbreviated labels. It's easy-if you know where to look:

1. Right-click any shortcut in the Favorites Bar.

2. Mouse over Customize Title Widths.

3. Choose Long Titles.

Presto! Now you can see the full name for each favorite. Of course, this may require some editing: some sites have names so long, they'll take up half the toolbar. To edit/shorten a shortcut's name, simply right-click it and choose Rename.

This story, "Make the IE favorites bar show full titles" was originally published by PCWorld.

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