State of the CIO: IT departments are fueling company growth

While there's no free-wheeling IT spending going on (unless you're hiding that information), our annual State of the CIO research confirms the rumor: The Great Recession has indeed abated.

Heading into 2011, many CIOs are investing in projects to improve staff productivity, make business processes more efficient and promote innovation. These transformational and strategic activities signal that the retrenchment that ruled the past two years is, thankfully, over. CIOs we interviewed say that data center redesigns no longer simmer on the back burner. Mobile experiments are moving to production. iPad requisitions are being signed. Renewal has begun.

Further proof: That urgent push-"panic" is such an ugly word-to involve every single employee in acquiring and retaining customers also shows signs of dying down. In 2010, a hefty 25% of CIOs said that that kind of customer engagement would be their most significant business accomplishment for the year; this year, it's 19% of the 729 heads of IT we surveyed.

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This story, "State of the CIO: IT departments are fueling company growth" was originally published by CIO.

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