Survey shows mobile computing revolution gaining steam

Purchase rates for PCs, cell phones will fall in 2011; tablet, smartphone buy rates will grow

We all know we're in the midst of a mobile computing revolution, but sometimes you just have to put some numbers on it.

Which research/consulting firm Accenture just did. A new Accenture survey of more than 8,000 consumers in eight countries found that the consumer purchase rates for personal computers (including laptops) and cell phones will decline this year, while the purchase rates for tablet computers, smartphones and ebook readers will rise, in some cases astronomically. Some snippets of data from the survey: * Ownership of basic mobile phones dropped to 65 percent in 2010 from 79 percent in 2009. * Smartphone ownership quadrupled to 32 percent in 2010 from 8 percent the year before. * Only 17 percent of survey respondents plan to buy a desktop or laptop computer in 2011, a 39 percent decline from last year. * Consumer purchase rates for tablet computers will rise by 160 percent. * Consumer purchase rates for ebook readers are expected to increase by 133 percent. In a prepared statement, Kumu Puri, senior executive with Accenture’s Electronics & High-Tech Practice, said, “There’s increasing potential for an end in sight for the relevance of the personal computer in the home as we know it today.” You can read Accenture's detailed report of its survey here.

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