5 last-minute iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch holiday deals

Deals on iOS gear (iPads, iPhones, iPods) don't stop in the run up to the Xmas finish line

So you waited until the last minute to cross an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch off your holiday shopping list. No problem; a handful of deals can still be yours. Here are five of the best discounts for Apple's iOS devices:

Sam's Club: 16 GB iPhone 4 for $147, 8 GB iPhone 3GS for $47

Annual membership at Sam's Club can pay for itself with this week's iPhone deal, offering $52 discounts off the 16 GB iPhone 4 and 8 GB iPhone 3GS. The deal is in effect until midnight on December 24, and requires a two-year contract with AT&T.

Walmart: $50 gift card with 16 iPhone 4 or 8 GB iPhone 3GS

No Sam's Club membership? No problem. Walmart has a similar deal to Sam's Club, but with gift cards instead of cash for the 16 GB iPhone 4 and 8 GB iPhone 3GS. The deals, which require a two-year contract with AT&T, are only available in stores until Christmas day while supplies last, so you'll want to call ahead to see if your local store is still participating.

Apple Store: Refurbished iPads

If you're not afraid of refurbished tech, a 16 GB iPad can be yours for $70 off at Apple's online store, at $429. A $100 discount is available for 16 GB and 32 GB iPads, bringing the price to $499 and $599 respectively. Refurbished models come with a new battery and outer shell and the same warranty as a new iPad.

Best Buy: Free Mi-Fi with iPad data plan

With a mobile hotspot, you needn't restrict yourself to built-in 3G on AT&T's network. When you buy an iPad at regular price and sign-up for a two-year data plan at Best Buy, the Mi-Fi itself is free. Keep in mind, however, that AT&T offers a discounted data rate with built-in 3G, and so does Verizon when you pay for the Mi-Fi up front. Check out our iPad 3G smackdown to weigh your options. The Best Buy deal is good until January 2.

Amazon: 8 GB iPod Touch for $205 with $25 gift card

The double-whammy of holiday deals: Save $20 on the 8 GB iPod Touch itself, and get a $25 gift card for later. I won't judge you for pocketing it.

Bonus deal: $6 iPad Cases at Amazon

While not an iOS device, I've got to mention CaseCrown's leather iPad cases for $1 plus $5 shipping. A vertical-flip model is available from Amazon in black, and a horizontal-flip model comes in red. No word on how long these deals will last.

(A shout-out to SlickDeals for helping to turn up a few of these offers)

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