How easy it is to clone a new server in a cloud environment and what steps are involved to do so?

With most providers, it is relatively easy to clone a virtual server to use as the starting point for other servers, after all, that is what cloud computing is all about. It generally takes a few minutes and just a few clicks of the mouse to get a duplicate machine powered up.

For example, Cloudshare has an interesting twist on this, and allows you to share your entire environment with up to 100 friends, you just send them an email invite, which they have two days to accept and gain access to your virtual servers. You can also take snapshots of your entire environment – similar to the feature found in the desktop VMware Workstation – and revert back to the last snapshot if you run into trouble with something.

Finally, sells a virtual appliance that can be used to move any virtual machine into either an Amazon or Terremark environment.

Cloudshare makes it easy for you to share your entire virtual environment with up to 100 others via an email link.

ITworld contributor, David Strom, provided the response to this question.

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