Caption contest winner: Don't bother checking in

The winner:

Congratulations to cmhall for finding a way to make sobriety testing a Foursquare check in event. You can see the winning caption below, along with some very funny runners up and honorable mentions, and of course Phil Johnson's original cartoon.

The winning caption

don't bother checking in buddy, I'm already the foursquare mayor around here.

The original cartoon

IT Underworld

Runners up

  • Let's make this more interesting. You can go if you can get an AT&T signal.

    by wls
  • Okay, let's see you do it *without* the GPS

    by sharon fisher

Honorable mentions

  • You thought AT&T would have reception out here for your I-phone? You must be drunk

    by d.d.
  • Alright, I'm satisfied you're sober enough to text. You can hit "send" now.

    by Blubrick
  • How about updating your Facebook status *after* we're done?

    by wls
  • You gotta do something special if you want this video to go viral.

    by My Friend
  • No, you misunderstood ... I said it looks like you're gonna face time.

    by Aps
  • Ok Fella. Walk the line, touch your nose with your right hand and keep your smartphone from going into Landscape mode with your left hand.

    by John J Volk
  • "Remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? Well, I do."

    by Elly S
  • I've never seen one like that. You say you found the prototype at the bar?

    by wls
  • Sir, I'm afraid I'm going to have to charge you with DWI - driving while intexticated.

    by Eleanor Jones
  • Well, son, that's one text too many.

    by d_m_raczynski

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