Microsoft Office 2010 upgrades: Four pitfalls to avoid

A Microsoft Office upgrade can be intimidating, particularly for companies still using Office 2003. The distance between Office 2003 and Office 2010 can incite fears of compatibility problems and business disruptions in the minds of IT managers.

But with Windows 7 upgrades and hardware refreshes picking up speed this year, so too will Office upgrades, according to a December, 2010 Forrester research report entitled "Pitfalls To Avoid When Upgrading To Microsoft Office 2010" by researcher Philipp Karcher with Stephen Powers, Christopher Voce, and Joseph Dang.

The recipe for a successful enterprise Office upgrade includes "a heavy dose of planning, an ample amount of input from the business, a package of training, and just the right amount of remediation to minimize risk," the report states.

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