Verizon may be unveiling iPhone next Tuesday

Wireless carrier schedules special event at NYC's Lincoln Center

Verizon is planning a special event next Tuesday at the Lincoln Center in New York City. What could it be? And will it be another day that we'll never forget? (Also see: Apple increases Q1 iPhone shipment estimates)

My first guess is that Verizon will announce that it too has The Beatles. If that doesn't pan out, I'll side with All Things Digital's John Paczkowski and assume it's the long-awaited announcement that Verizon Wireless will begin selling Apple's iPhone 4. Paczkowski reports that "sources close to the company" tell him it is thus. Why all the drama? This isn't exactly a well-kept secret. News that Apple would allow Verizon to become the second U.S. wireless carrier (after AT&T) to sell its smartphone has been kicking around for three months. Employees at Verizon Wireless stores have told me the iPhone would be coming soon. And Apple recently ordered more iPhone shipments for this quarter, including 5 million to 6 million CDMA units. Verizon uses CDMA technology in its wireless network. Still, the world loves a good dog-and-pony show. Plus there's all the free publicity. So the media will dutifully report the "news" next Tuesday, helping Verizon save on its advertising budget. It's so nice we could be of assistance, Verizon! Remember to act surprised next Tuesday. Especially if Verizon announces it has the Beatles.

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