BellaDati analyzes enterprise data in the cloud

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The BI solution, BellaDati, developed by the Czech company, Trgiman, and recently released in its version 2.3, is designed as an easy-to-use, yet complete analytical tool also targeted at small and medium businesses. Apart from business intelligence functionality, it includes features like market and media intelligence. As is common for BI solutions, the BellaDati's main task is to visualize raw data into user-friendly graphs and tables with drill-down and trend monitoring options. On top of this BellaDati introduces an unusually innovative set of tools and analytical services from Trgiman. Besides BI itself customers should seek advice on what kind of KPI from sales, finance, marketing or operations to monitor. All services are available in the English, German and Czech languages.

BellaDati includes connectors for many enterprise IS such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, CAS CRM and databases including Oracle, Postqre or MySQL. Cloud data can be taken directly from web services like Google Docs, Google Analytics or e-banking including Erste Bank. It also offers data upload from your Excel, XML or CSV flat files into the BellaDati OLAP-based data warehouse. BellaDati sees beyond analysis of customer satisfaction, retail analysis and various visual views of company data. It is also suitable for competition, market and marketing campaign evaluations. Business users can watch their company's real-time performance via their web browser. Analysts can create analyses for clients on-line. Direct export of reports is supported into PowerPoint and many other formats. Users can share reports on-line by means known from social networks.

Trgiman devoted a lot of effort to achieve simple usability. This includes options to insert report results (in the form of various types of graphs) directly into web pages. It can be done simply by copying & pasting a generated code into the HTML page or directly into iGoogle. Graphs are updated in real-time as source data are automatically updated. This comes in handy for long-term trend analysis. Beyond this, users can build their own "public dashboards" from their reports and share them publicly on the web directly from BellaDati.

BellaDati is a secured cloud application for BI, accessible immediately after registration. Users can also buy it on-line from Chrome Web Store. For personal and educational purposes there is a Personal tariff. Europe's Trgiman is a novice on the BI market. However, with an innovative approach they are targeting small and even large companies as their web references show. Analysts predict growth in BI usage in 2011, especially on the SME market. Thus it can be expected that, for a lot of SMEs, BellaDati and its features will provide inspiration for using BI in their business.

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