Video: Playstation Phone in action

So here we are, on the day that the Verizon iPhone becomes official (well, at least that's what all the signs point to) and once again I'm talking about the Playstation Phone. But first, I have to wonder if the Verizon iPhone is a little bit too late. Obviously it'll sell very well, but I can't help but wonder: if the Verizon iPhone had launched last summer, would Android be as successful as it is today? (See Report: Android beats Apple in market share at the LA Times.) How many consumers wanted to stay on Verizon and so decided to try Android and are now happy to stick with it?

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My Motorola Droid is about 14 months old and while I like it well enough, I was looking forward to trading it for an iPhone up until a few months ago. But Android, both the OS and the handsets, is advancing so rapidly that now I find myself lusting over one of the new Android phones. In fact the only problem now is that there are too many to choose from. That dual-core Droid Bionic looks very appealing, but the gamer in me is drawn to the still-not-official Playstation Phone. Which brings me back to the topic at hand. A new leak! This time we see gameplay. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's gameplay of PS One games. Hopefully the phone is capable of doing better than this. Being able to play games from 1998 isn't all that compelling a reason to buy this particular handset, in my opinion. I suppose the more interesting proposition is playing modern Android titles with the hardware controls the phone offers.

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