AOL to release 'Pandora for content' iPad app [Video]

AOL has been trying to build itself into a branded content company (which is to say a publisher, we think) for years now, which is kind of strange if you think about its roots as a tech company. An interesting rumor that surfaced today is that it's working on an iPad app called Editions that will be, essentially, a magazine built out of material out on the Web based on your interests. The video above is a sort of jokey insidery thing about the search for a new tagline, but one of the AOLers calls it "Pandora for content," which (setting aside the fact that music could be considered content just as much as text and images could) sounds like an interesting idea. As to how anyone -- AOL or the content producers -- will profit from this, that remains to be seen.

Oh, also, the AOL crew seems convinced that you will read this while in the bathroom.

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