Notion Ink's Adam delayed again; is it too late to matter?

Coming out of CES 2010, when so many of us were excited about all the Android-based tablets coming in the next few months (Ha! That joke was on us, eh?) the Notion Ink Adam was one of the most intriguing. It promised to be both a back-lit color tablet and a gray scale reflective e-reader rolled into one. While Notion Ink was once again at CES 2011, it didn't seem to make quite so big a splash this year.

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The last time I checked in on the Adam Notion Ink had started taking pre-orders with an intended ship date of the end of January. Yesterday we learned of another (hopefully) short-term delay, this time due to a problem with FCC certification. Apparently some pre-order units have shipped to other countries already, and Notion Ink assures us the tablets have passed all tests and are just waiting for that final paperwork to come through; we still have a few weeks left in January so maybe they'll still hit their mark. But have they missed their window? With the dust of CES 2011 settling, it seems like the Motorola Xoom was the Android tablet darling of the show. It got a lot of press and was one of the few tablets (maybe the only one?) running Android Honeycomb on the show floor. It's got a Tegra 2 processor driving a 10.1", 1280x800 resolution touchscreen. Best of all, from the point of view of Motorola anyway, is that the tablet is coming out on the Verizon network (with a wifi version to follow) with (presumably) the Verizon marketing juggernaut behind it. And let's not forget that Samsung's Galaxy Tab is already established on the market, plus there's the matter of the dozens of other tablets at the show floor. Is the Notion Ink Adam still an exciting product? I guess we'll know more when pre-orders start arriving in users' hands.

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