Verizon isn't going to forsake its Android smartphones

Sure, carrier is putting 'marketing muscle' behind iPhone, but what do you expect?

Apple Insider has a post about Verizon's plan to launch a major promotional campaign for its new iPhone. Neil Hughes writes: (Also see: Is the Verizon iPhone deal a disaster for AT&T?)

Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. cited checks with industry sources in a new note to investors issued on Wednesday, in which he said Verizon will put its "marketing muscle" behind the iPhone. The advertisements are expected to come at the expense of competing smartphones that run the Google Android mobile operating system. "On its homepage, [Verizon] is already highlighting the iPhone 4 and iPad as flagship products with not much else in sight (save for a Jabra Bluetooth Headset)," Wu wrote. I'm not sure what Wu was looking at when he visited the Verizon Wireless home page, but there's plenty there that has nothing to do with the iPhone. Is the iPhone prominently featured? Of course. There'd be something wrong if it wasn't. But the iPhone is part of a rotating promotion at the top of the page, along with plugs for BlackBerry Curves, certified pre-owned smartphones and a couple of rate deals. Check it out for yourself. While there are no prominent pitches for any Android phones, let's not assume that Verizon is turning its back on the Google-powered smartphones just because it has a shiny new toy. Verizon has made a lot of money selling Android phones. I'm sure the carrier would be more than happy to sell a bunch more, in addition to moving iPhones out of its stores. Right now, though, Verizon's spotlight is on the iPhone, as it should be. But when significant new releases of Droids hit Verizon stores, it's safe to assume the carrier will give customers a good heads-up.

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