What 'magic' does Sprint have in store on Feb. 7?

Wireless carrier promises 'yet another industry first' at event next month

Credit: kennymatic

All this wireless excitement is overwhelming. Just a day after Verizon announced it would begin selling Apple's iPhone, wireless carrier rival announced a special event in New York City on Feb. 7 featuring magician David Blaine, Network World reports.

The first question is what Blaine is going to do at the event. I'm guessing he was hired to demonstrate that Sprint provides the best wireless reception of all the major carriers for people trapped in a block of ice, though that's a pretty narrow demographic. Beyond that, we're left to guess what Sprint "has up its sleeve," as its invitation to the media put it. NW's Bob Brown runs through some of the possibilities, including that Sprint might announce that it too will soon be selling the CDMA version of Apple's iPhone 4. But that wouldn't qualify as what Sprint refers to as "yet another industry first," though I suppose it could be considered a "close second industry first," which probably wouldn't merit an expensive event in Manhattan, never mind extensive coverage. Is it a Google Android announcement? No real "first" there either. Sprint, you have us stumped. We're looking forward to you showing us that "the impossible is possible." We're also looking forward to the "irresistible culinary creations and cocktails" that you promise to serve at NYC's Edison Ballroom. Don't let us down. Especially with the food and drinks.

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