An animated take on Cheezburger Network's $30M VC round [video]

Next Media Animation suggests that 16.5 million people can be terribly, terribly wrong

When you write a blog about the tech business world, you occasionally run into slow weeks such as this one, when there's really no significant news coming out of companies such as Google and Apple. (Also see: Five minutes of happiness for you, $30 million in VC funding for Cheezburger Network) So sometimes you have to go outside the box. Fortunately, Julie Huang of Next Media Animation emailed me this video providing NMA's take on the $30 million venture capital investment announced this week by Cheezburger Network, the group of sites run by Ben Huh that gave us LOLcats and incredibly irritating adult baby talk. I wrote about this VC round on Tuesday, but admittedly went a little light on the animation. NMA is here to fill the void:

Huh says the goal of Cheezburger Network is to bring a smile to people's faces, even if just for five minutes a day. At 1 minute and 44 seconds, I calculate that Next Media Animation's video above is worth $10.4 million. Congratulations, NMA! Can I get a small cut for bringing the video to ITworld readers? I'm just asking.

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