OnLive's PlayPack launches; $10/month for all-you-can-play gaming

Streaming game service OnLive has officially launched their "PlayPack" yesterday, after a brief two-week delay during which anyone could take advantage of the beta version of the service for free. PlayPack is OnLive's $9.99/month subscription service. For that fee you have unlimited access to a selection of games in the PlayPack bundle. OnLive also continues to offer other titles a la cart via either 2 or 5-day rentals, or by purchasing permanent (well, as long as OnLive offers them) access.

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When the beta of the PlayPack service launched OnLive promised it would have 40 games in the bundle for launch, which was initially scheduled in mid-January. They extended the beta until the end of January, presumably to line up more titles. They didn't quite make it to 40; there are 38 titles currently offered and while a couple of them are a bit suspect (Alien Shooter: Vengeance and Zombie Shooter 2 seem like essentially the same game with different graphics, and neither is very good) overall it seems like a decent package to launch with. There're shooters, puzzle games, strategy titles and action adventures. Some play great on the OnLive Console with a gamepad and others work best on a computer with mouse & keyboard. Some of them are smaller titles that were originally $10-$15 downloadable games (The Maw, World of Goo), others are "AAA" titles (Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider Underworld). All of them are older titles. If you're a fan of sports games, RPGs or driving games then you'll be disappointed. In those three categories there are only two games: NBA2K10 and The Wheelman. As of now there are no character-driven RPGs on offer. OnLive intends to continually add games to the service, and even after the long beta they're still ready to cut us a deal. If you subscribe now you get your first month for free. I continue to be fairly impressed by the quality of OnLive's service, though your results will depend on your broadband connection, of course. If you're a casual gamer who likes to play a lot of different games rather than focusing on one or two at a time, then PlayPack might be just what the doctor ordered. If you're a serious gamer who has a beefy gaming rig and works hard to squeeze maximum FPS out of every game, then this service probably isn't for you. At least not yet.

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