Wi-Fi Alliance raises wireless security awareness [video]

Cartoons, survey results reveal state of wireless security knowledge


Wi-Fi Alliance –

The Wi-Fi Alliance hopes to raise awareness about wireless security through a new 75-second public service announcement. The cute animated video (see above) highlights the aspects of using WPA2 security and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (on specially equipped gear) for home network users.

The video, featuring characters that remind me of some of the Whoos from Whooville, shows a bunch of personal information (passwords, PINs, etc.) that can be accessed over an open network. Then our hero enables a WPA2 network (or uses Wi-Fi Protected Setup), and a bubble of safety appears around the computer and the Whoos’ houses. Yay!

The Wi-Fi Alliance also released some survey data regarding attitudes on Wi-Fi security, conducted by Wakefield Research. Interestingly, 32% of those surveyed admitted trying to get onto a Wi-Fi network that wasn’t their own, such as a neighbor’s, in order to save money. The survey also showed that 40% of people feel that sharing their Wi-Fi network password is more personal than sharing their house key. In some more “ewww” questions, 24% said sharing their Wi-Fi network password was more personal than sharing their bed (we need to meet those people!); and 26% said sharing their Wi-Fi network password was more personal than sharing their toothbrush (I don't think I want to meet those people).

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