What if 'Up' was made in the '60s? [video]

Brilliant look at Pixar's CGI done in the Disney style of the '60s

YouTube – Filmmaker Ivan Guerrero has another of his "premake" videos out, in which he recreates classic films and creates trailers based on classic footage from other films (think mash-up meets movie trailers). In the past he's done premakes for the films Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, and The Empire Strikes Back.

The latest premake is from Pixar's animated feature "Up", and uses clips from several movies to create the trailer. If you've seen the movie and followed the adventure of Carl Fredrickson, Russell and the talking dog Dug, you'll appreciate the work that went into this clip. Not only for being able to re-create several of the scenes, but to imagine the film as coming from Disney in the '60s, the era that saw films like "The Love Bug" and "The Absent-Minded Professor."

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