How does a cloud provider keep track of failed server instances?

Some providers offer more in terms of monitoring of their virtual servers. For example, Amazon has its CloudWatch service that can monitor and report on particular events in your cloud environment such as CPU demand and network traffic.

For the most part, you are on your own to keep track of what your collection of virtual servers is doing. For example, the Terremark service at least shows on its main portal page a history of all actions that you have recently taken in terms of powering up and down servers adding services and creating servers to your account. "Understand what kinds of support are possible in the cloud. If you are not monitoring the performance by your own staff, you may want your service provider to do that," says Bryan Doerr, the CTO of cloud hosting provider Savvis, Inc.

Amazon's CloudWatch can tell you about resource usage, CPU demand and network traffic within your cloud environment.

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