First Xoom reviews hitting the web, and some bad news about that 4G upgrade

The Motorola Xoom launches tomorrow, but some of the big tech blogs already have their reviews up. Read what Engadget and Crunchgear think of the device, but before you rush out to buy one, read on. [Update: Harry McCracken has a really good FAQ-style review up at Technologizer now.]

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We already know that there won't be Flash on the Xoom at launch, but Adobe assures us we'll only have to wait a few weeks for an update. Of course earlier versions of Flash on Android were not known for their punctual arrival. But now there's more bad news. The Xoom ships as a 3G device, upgradeable to 4G. However, according to Droid Life, that upgrade isn't just a firmware patch; you'll have to send your Xoom back to the factory to get it upgraded, a process that can take up to six days. That's a long time to go without a device once it becomes part of your lifestyle! Apparently this isn't a new revelation; a Motorola rep offered this information at CES, but I hadn't heard about it and I'm assuming at least some of my readers hadn't, either. The upgrade is free and should be available in approximately 90 days.

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