Four kinds of IT professionals CIOs need to hire now

Social networking savvy. Mobile development experience. Business process smarts. Cloud management expertise.

Thanks to rapidly changing technology and evolving business expectations, the skills you need on staff to outcompete your rivals are morphing around you. If you don't hire right, you won't be ready for the future.

Already, that's clear. CIOs see some serious holes in the competencies of their IT groups and their companies generally, according to a joint survey of 370 IT leaders by CIO magazine and the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). The biggest gaps are in social media, collaboration and mobile technology. Forty-four percent of CIOs said their companies lack collaboration expertise; just 8% named collaboration as a formal enterprise capability. Meanwhile, 27% said they lack expertise in evaluating mobile, tablet and other new technologies. (For more on this survey, see " Survey: More to IT Than Building and Running Systems.")

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This story, "Four kinds of IT professionals CIOs need to hire now" was originally published by CIO.

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