Employees tattling on companies that violate licenses

In a tough economy, disgruntled or fired employees are reporting their companies' questionable software licensing practices and exposing a culture of widespread software piracy.

Rampant software piracy by IT professionals was clear in a survey of 200 IT professionals on IT Ethics conducted by Network World. While 89% of respondents said it was unethical for an IT employee to make the company fall out of compliance with software license agreements, 70% said they have directly witnessed other IT folks knowingly violating software licenses.

One survey respondent told Network World that IT professionals are often ordered to violate software agreements by managers on the business side of the house. Additionally, 69% of respondents said they've directly witnessed their IT professional peers looking the other way when employees use the network to illegally install unlicensed software or share DRM-protected files.

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This story, "Employees tattling on companies that violate licenses" was originally published by Network World.

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