Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptist Church sites while nutty spokeswoman babbles about hell during debate

Hacker collective delivers 'swift and emotionless bitchslap' to hate group

Maybe the End Times are here. At least for the Westboro Baptist Church and its noxious Internet presence. Just days after warning the church to shut up and go away, the hacker collective Anonymous on Thursday hacked the WBC's flagship site touting its religious piety,, along with several others. And they did it while one Anonymous member was debating WBC spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper on an Internet radio show. (Also see: Westboro Baptist Church web site under satanic assault!) There's a link below to the full message left by Anonymous, along with a video of the confrontation on The David Pakman Show between the Anonymous guy and Phelps-Roper -- one of those religious extremists who's disturbingly gleeful that the vast majority of people are doomed "sinners" whose "day of judgment" is imminent. An excerpt from the message left on the hacked site: Your recent antics to gain media attention for yourself were found to be laughable. In response to your rather poorly written "bring it" letter, wherein you tried to goad Anonymous into giving you yet more attention by calling us "crybaby hackers", we wrote, sincerely, a press release explaining clearly the hoax behind the original declaration of war against your church. Westboro Baptist Church, consider it brung. Here's the link to the Anonymous message, which is no longer on the WBC site, thanks to some quick work by one of God's sysadmins. Below is the video, which could fairly be described as 10 minutes and 27 seconds of crazy.

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