Developing for the Mac App Store

Leapfrog the learning curve with these how-to videos.

Being a Mac developer no longer requires you to think Steve Jobs is bigger than Elvis (and have the velvet portrait to prove it). You don't have to harbor that old grudge against Microsoft for ripping off Apple's UI. And you certainly don't have to be visibly gleeful that Apple is now outpacing Microsoft.

With the advent of the Mac App Store, choosing to develop Mac OS X apps shows good business sense.

Of course, there's a learning curve involved and some very specific dos and don'ts when it comes to finally submitting your app to the Mac App Store.

As luck (or fate) would have it, Mac developers are a generous bunch -- and a number of them have even posted instructional videos on YouTube.

Here we've assembled a collection of some of the best how-to videos for newbies and pros alike. Check them out and be on your way to happy coding.

Developing in XCode

Getting familiar with XCode is a good place to start. (If you haven't done so already, download XCode from the Apple Developer site.)

This video has a non-novice showing you how to develop two simple Cocoa apps using XCode.

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