Tech industry companies are hiring again

Survey of CFOs shows half expect higher headcound in 2011

Almost half of tech companies are going to be hiring this year, according to a survey of tech-industry CFOs, though the news is a lot better if you work in sales than in engineering, unless you build green-tech products.

Tech companies have been focusing on survival for the last couple of years, cutting costs and keeping a limit on new hires and spending, according to the study, from accounting and professional services company BDO USA.

With the recovery in the global economy and increase in sales in the tech industry specifically, 46 percent of U.S.-based technology companies plan to increase the number of their employees this year, according to the study of 100 technology companies.

Only 7 percent said they'd cut headcount.

Forty-eight percent of CFOs said they'd hire more people in sales than other areas, followed by those favoring research and development (22 percent), manufacturing (17 percent) and administration (7 percent).

What are the hottest tech industries?

According to 35 percent of the CFOs, clean technology will be the industry needing the most innovation, with healthcare and biotech following closely, with 33 percent each.

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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