The #WINNING! winners Charlie Sheen follows on Twitter

More than 1.5 million people follow the sitcom actor on Twitter, but who does he follow?

When Charlie Sheen joined Twitter on Tuesday, the "bitchin' rock star from Mars" immediately infused the microblogging service with tiger blood, Adonis DNA and pointless, unverifiable exclamations of #WINNING!. Twitter is a better place for it, certainly for the 1,569,193 (and counting!) members who are winning enough to rub virtual shoulders with @charliesheen. It is a select group of self-selected winners indeed, many of whom no doubt already are heeding the advice Sheen is spreading through the Twitterverse that we all would do well to "plan better," or #planbetter. (Also see: In one day on Twitter, Charlie Sheen tops 1 million followers. Because that's how you WIN. Fools.) Sheen also has revolutionized use of the Twitter hashtag, which nobody was using correctly until Sheen came along and showed them how to #WIN on #TWITTER. It just takes a little #tigerblood. Sheen has brought his generous brilliance to Twitter, and the Twitterverse is the richer for it. We all should feel special. But not as special as a special group of real #WINNING! winners who don't merely follow @charliesheen -- they are followed by the transcendent, otherworldly, fired sitcom star himself. They are a small group, just 26 strong, but they all specialize in one thing: WINNING! You may recognize some of them: John Cusack Sly Stallone Minka Kelly Diddy Howard Stern Fred Durst Bob Maron That last guy isn't famous, but he sells watches to only famous or rich people, so that makes him a #WINNER! Also, his Twitter profile identifies him as an "employed winner," which is verification enough for me. You can check out the rest of the charmed group here. Overall, while I was puzzled and disappointed by Ron Jeremy's absence, I'll have to grade Sheen's Twitter follow list a "W". For WIN!

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