SonicWall CEO: App awareness crucial for security


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SonicWall once focused on small and midsize businesses, but its introduction earlier this year of a next-generation firewall line dubbed SuperMassive leaves no doubt that the company is now taking aim at larger enterprises. In fact, the privately-held San Jose company's CEO, Matt Medeiros, says the enterprise market accounted for nearly half of SonicWall's sales over the past six months. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Medeiros spoke recently with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and InfoWorld Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr.

What's SonicWall's general approach to IT security?

There is still a substantial amount of bad malware, viruses and Trojans being written by sophisticated software development teams that are invading your networks at any moment, and our primary service is stopping that from happening. Second to that, it is our fundamental belief that organizations need to enable their networks and employees to be more productive. Four years ago, there were mostly really restricted policies -- you know, don't let things happen in your network that you're not in control of. Forbid people from bringing their own devices onto the network, using their own applications at home and even tapping into the network unless they're on the LAN. We fundamentally believe very differently. We have to unleash the power of the network. We want to enable people to use any device anywhere and use any type of application that is business worthy on the network and then give you the CIO, CFO or CEO the power to mitigate how much time, where, who and what has access to that information, those applications and those business processes that are important.

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