More evidence that Android is new U.S. smartphone market leader

Google mobile OS tops comScore survey for first time; RIM continues losing share

Last week Nielsen released research showing that Google's Android mobile operating system has taken a slim lead over Apple's iPhone iOS and Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS in the U.S. smartphone market (see link below).

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Now comScore has come out with numbers offering further proof that Android is No. 1 in the U.S. smartphone market.

A survey of 30,000 mobile phone subscribers showed that Android "took the lead among smartphone platforms with 31.2 percent market share, after two short months in second place."

comScore's survey covered a three-month period ending in January, which is almost identical to the period tested in Nielsen's sample.

It was a big jump for Android over the three-month period ending last October, when the Google mobile OS had a 23.5 percent share of the market.

Slipping into second place was RIM, which fell to 30.4 percent from 35.8 percent last October. (But don't worry; RIM will market its way to a comeback! Not.)

Apple remained in third place, though its market share inched up to 24.7 percent from 24.6 percent. Microsoft's market share fell to 8.0 percent from 9.7 percent.

According to comScore, 65.8 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in January 2011, up 8 percent from the three-month period ending last October.

In terms of mobile content usage, comScore reported that slight increases in the percentage of mobile phone users who used a browser (37.0 percent from 36.2 percent), used downloaded apps (35.3 percent from 33.7 percent), accessed a social networking site or blog (25.3 percent from 24.2 percent) and listened to music on their phone (16.5 percent from 15.4 percent).

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